Public Lecture by Prof. Cati Coe and Book Presentation

Public Lecture by Prof. Cati Coe and Book Presentation

We kindly invite you to join us for an afternoon revolving around transnational family life and the changing welfare state in Europe, organized by the Reproducing Europe team.

Wednesday 31 October, 15.00-17.00 
CPO-Zaal, Grotius Building, Radboud University Nijmegen

15:00 Festive presentation of the book: Reproducing Europe: Migrant Families, Professionals and the Welfare State.
Followed by the documentary: Not sure if I am a foreigner

15:45 Public lecture by Cati Coe (Rutgers University): Political Belonging through Care: Recognition and Exclusion among African Care Workers in the United States. Discussant: Ramy Aly (American University in Cairo)

Followed by drinks

Book presentation and short documentary
A combination of ethnographic vignettes, photo reportage and findings, the book aims to present the results of the comparative field research done in the context of the Reproducing Europe project in compelling ways to a general public. It describes our the experiences of Egyptian migrant families and their struggle for a good life in Europe, as well as the practices and aspirations of professionals and voluteers providing parenting support to migrant parents in Amsterdam, Milan and Paris. The short documentary, produced by team member Lucrezia Botton (together with Andrea Balossi Restelli and Federico Ferrario), gives voice to mothers and children of Arabic origin in Milan. We see them speaking about their dreams, aspirations and relations against the background of the urban landscape of Milan, as a space of belonging and hopes.

Public lecture
Cati Coe is a leading scholar within the anthropology of transnational kinwork, which she explored through the repertoires of Ghanaian families scattered around the globe. In this lecture, she presents material from her upcoming book The New Servitude (2019). Central in this lecture is the question of how political belonging is created, or destroyed, through work. In particular, Cati Coe will examine how the recognitions and reciprocities entailed by care work provided by new African migrants affect their political belonging in the United States.

The event is open to all. We hope to see you there!